These Newborn Babies Cry for Drugs, Not Milk For some Americans

From the New York Times:

“For some Americans, the nation’s opioid crisis starts before birth.”

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — His body dependent on opioids, he writhes, trembles and cries. He is exhausted but cannot sleep. He vomits, barely eats and has lost weight.

He is also a baby. Just 1 month old, he wails in the nursery of the CAMC Women and Children’s Hospital here. A volunteer “cuddler” holds him while walking around, murmuring sweetly, hour after hour, but he is inconsolable. What his body craves is heroin.

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Prevent Opioid Abuse at National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) in Nashville.

Prevent Opioid Abuse team lines up legislative sponsors in states across the nation at National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) in Nashville.

Drug Overdose Deaths Drop in U.S. for First Time Since 1990

From the New York Times:

” Three decades of ever-escalating deaths from drug overdoses in the United States may have come to an end, according to preliminary government data made public Wednesday. Total drug overdose deaths in America declined by around 5 percent last year, the first drop since 1990. “

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76 billion opioid pills: Newly released federal data unmasks the epidemic

From the Washington Post:

” America’s largest drug companies saturated the country with 76 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pain pills from 2006 through 2012 as the nation’s deadliest drug epidemic spun out of control, according to previously undisclosed company data released as part of the largest civil action in U.S. history. “

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Prevent Opioid Abuse Team visits Puerto Rico

From Left to right:
Eduardo Hernandez-Calo, Director of the Environmental Health Committee under the Presidency of Senator Carlos J. Rodriguez Mateo. Eduardo is currently a PhD student at the Medical Sciences campus of the University of Puerto Rico.
Senator José Vargas Vidot, Senator, professor, and medical professional whom has shown continuous commitment with the homeless and HIV/AIDS community in Puerto Rico.
Dr. Wanda T. Maldonado, Dean of the School of Farmacy at the Medical Sciences campus of the University of Puerto Rico and president-elect of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. (AACP)
Senator Abel Nazario, a distinguished member of the education community in Puerto Rico and ex-mayor of Yauco.

Angela Conover, leader of Prevent Opioid Abuse and executive member of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey.
Angelo Valente, leader at Prevent Opioid Abuse and executive member of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey.
Jose Enrique Gonzalez Avila, Legislative Coordinator at the office of Senator Abel Nazario.

Doctors in seven states charged with prescribing pain killers for cash, sex

Dozens of medical professionals in seven states were charged Wednesday with participating in the illegal prescribing of more than 32 million pain pills, including doctors who prosecutors said traded sex for prescriptions and a dentist who unnecessarily pulled teeth from patients to justify giving them opioids.

The 60 people indicted include 31 doctors, seven pharmacists, eight nurse practitioners and seven other licensed medical professionals. The charges stem from the government’s largest prescription-opioid takedown. It involves more than 350,000 illegal prescriptions written in Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia, according to indictments unsealed in federal court in Cincinnati.

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Puerto Rico Moves Forward on Patient Notification

Working closely with Elaine Pozycki, Founder of Prevent Opioid Abuse, Senator Abel Nazario Quiñones  has now added a  patient notification component to an existing bill  that addresses Narcan.  The Senator is optimistic it will gain adoption.  Prevent Opioid Abuse will continue to work closely with Senator Abel Narario Quinones, helping in any way we can.

‘Protect Our Children: The Opioid Crisis’ – Watch it on ABC7NY

Saturday, March 30th, 2019 8:19PMNEW YORK — WABC-TV aired the special “PROTECT OUR CHILDREN: THE OPIOID CRISIS” on Saturday, March 30 at 7 p.m. (also to be re-run Sun. 3/31at 5:30 a.m.). 

The program is hosted by Eyewitness News Anchor Diana Williams and addresses the worst drug crisis in American history – the opioid crisis – which is truly a public health emergency. 

The program begins by pointing out the fact that the national death toll from drug overdoses has now reached record highs. 

The statistics are grim and show that prescription opioids have helped lead the way towards this epidemic and unfortunately children are the most vulnerable to the ill effects of drug usage. We feature families that have lost children and are fighting this epidemic by trying to raise awareness and change legislation. Parents are now having to confront this by becoming experts on subjects they’d rather not have engaged with. 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4—watch-it-here-on-abc7ny/5208065/

Texas Patient Notification Legislation Heard in Public Health Committee

National and state experts and activists recently testified in favor of Texas House Bill HB 1710, sponsored by Representative Ana-Maria Ramos, requiring a conversation between prescriber and patient as well as parents, when the patient is under 18, to discuss the risks of addiction upon prescription of an opioid-based painkiller. Prevent Opioid Abuse Founder Elaine Pozycki was joined by Dr. Victor Vines, MD, Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine and Dr. Crispa Aeschbach-Jachmann, MD, an Austin based psychiatrist in testifying in favor of this common sense legislation that is driving down the number of opioid pain killer prescriptions issued in the states where it has been implemented, sparking productive conversations about the use of non-opioid pain relief alternatives.
They were well-received by the House Public Health Committee members. There is a lot of support building for the legislation and for a similar bill that also requires that prescribers provide the real time information that patients and parents need to make an informed decision about prescription opioids: HB 2811, sponsored by Representative Four Price.

In less than 2 years, versions of this legislation have already passed in ten states: Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Oklahoma, Ohio, Rhode Island and West Virginia. In addition to Texas,t this life-saving legislation is currently being considered by state legislatures in Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania, Utah and Washington.

OxyContin maker Purdue agrees to settle Oklahoma opioid case

From the Daily Mail:

OxyContin maker Purdue settles with Oklahoma for $270MILLION in opioid case: Sackler family-owned company reaches deal with state in the first of 2,000 lawsuits accusing pharma firms of fueling the drug abuse epidemic

  • Purdue reached a $270M settlement with Oklahoma in opioid case on Tuesday
  • State had sought $20B from the drugmaker for its role in the opioid crisis
  • Purdue said to be exploring Chapter 11 as if faces thousands of suits
  • Oklahoma attorney general will hold a press conference Tuesday afternoon

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