Statement of Elaine Pozycki, Founder of Prevent Opioid Abuse in Response to Purdue Pharma Guilty Plea

From Business Wire:

Purdue Pharma’s agreement to plead guilty to felony charges in part for illegally incentivizing doctors to prescribe more opioid-based pain relievers to patients, even-though the company knew full well how highly addictive these medicines are, underscores the importance of warning patients of the risks of addiction and discussing non-opioid pain relief alternatives. Patients who are being prescribed these medications have the right to be informed, by the prescriber, of the addictive qualities of these drugs as well as any non-opioid alternatives that are available.”

Eighteen states now have passed the Patient Opioid Notification Act, requiring this potentially life-saving conversation between doctor and patient. In a nation where more than 150 million opioid-painkiller prescriptions are written each year, and there are 50,000 annual opioid deaths, it is long past time for this to be the requirement in every state in the nation.”

About Prevent Opioid Abuse

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