The Need for Patient Notification

Educating the public is the key to addressing dependence on controlled dangerous substances such as opioids. The reason is that it has been widely accepted that opioid prescriptions can pave the way for long-term substance abuse problems, particularly heroin use.
Discussing the risk of developing dependence can work to save lives, especially when it takes place with a child. Young adults who are 18-25 years old have experienced a large spike in heroin use throughout the years. Specifically, a 109% increase in heroin use has been seen just from looking at 2002-2004 compared to 2011-2013.

Additionally, women are beginning to use heroin more as well. Data shows that there has been a 100% increase in female heroin use from 2002-2004 also compared to 2011-2013.

Please take a look at the increase in heroin use across most demographics here.